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Below is what the platform offers to family offices.

Exclusive access

Discover highly vetted, exclusive investment opportunities with Tim Draper and other leading investors.

Networking expansion

Connect with like-minded family offices and investors, while gaining exposure to new industries and markets.

Knowledge and collaboration

Stay up-to-date with the latest trends and join an exclusive community of 70+ family offices for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

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Benefits of the platform tailored for VCs, syndicate leads, incubators and accelerators.

Streamlined deal management

Manage your SPV setup seamlessly on Draper X from introduction to closing and post-investment management.

Network expansion

Raise up to 10x what you invest on Draper X and expand your network with family offices from our network, while earning carry on each investment.

Thematic venture networks

Join our thematic venture networks as a venture partner and introduce relevant deals to investors interested in startups with specific backgrounds (eg industry, geography etc).

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Startups can reap numerous benefits from the platform.

Access to Family Offices

Connect with a global network of family offices for funding and guidance.

Fundraising Efficiency

Streamline fundraising and investor relations to focus on building and scaling your business.

Vetted community

Join an invite-only platform through an invitation from existing investor-members.

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